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Humanities lay foundation for education 1

Mark Van Doren, one of America’s greatest teachers, published “Liberal Education” in 1943. An esteemed poet and literature scholar at Columbia University, he presented the book as an outline of the requirements for a genuine university education. His ideas might be worth considering at the University of Montana as we chart our course through the […]

The Crisis of University Research 2

Academia’s Pursuit Of Corporate And Government Dollars Has Undermined Its Commitment To Learning

Taking a look back before moving forward at UM

As the University of Montana considers its future, some tested ideas about higher education may shed light on the darkened and unmarked path stretching before us. The most tested such idea of all is the humanistic tradition. The modern university took its bearings from the Italian humanists of the 14th and 15th centuries. They promised […]

Reflections on Harvey Mansfield’s “Science and the Humanities in America’s Universities,” a Lecture at the University of Montana, President’s Lecture Series, 1 May 2015

Prior to sending invitations for the President’s Lecture Series, I do background checks on prospective speakers. As the coordinator of the series, I want to know about the quality of a speaker’s ideas and capacity to address a town-gown audience. The most interesting discovery that turned up about Harvey Mansfield during my background check of […]

The Return of Avishai Margalit

Almost one year after a blizzard forced the cancellation of his scheduled talks at the University of Montana, Avishai Margalit returned to Missoula on 19 February 2015. One of the world’s foremost living philosophers and particularly prized as a brilliant commentator on contemporary moral issues facing Western societies, he gave a lecture the next day […]