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Chris Hedges Speaks at the University of Montana

            At an afternoon President’s Lecture Series seminar on 3 February at the University of Montana, Chris Hedges described the publishing history of his requiem for America, The Death of the Liberal Class. The Knopf publishing house rejected an early draft. The editors did not like his “negativity.” Appreciative readers of the book owe thanks […]

Full Text of my letter to the Wall Street Journal, “Charles Crane Was No Anti-Semite”

The following is a letter which I wrote that was published by the Wall Street Journal on January 11, 2014, reposted in its entirety here. I can’t list all the points of disagreement that I have with Lewis Gould about my book, “The Education of an Anti-Imperialist: Robert La Follette and U.S. Expansion” (Books, Jan. […]

My response to the Wall Street Journal review of The Education of an Anti-Imperialist

On 11 January 2014, Lewis Gould reviewed my book, The Education of an Anti-Imperialist: Robert La Follette and U.S. Expansion, in The Wall Street Journal. One of the chapters in particular, “La Follette Discovers the Middle East,” inspired claims and charges by the reviewer that I answered in a letter published by the newspaper on […]