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Chalmers Johnson’s writings on American empire

The following article was first published by Responsible Statecraft under the title “An Appreciation: Chalmers Johnson’s writings on American empire” on April 12, 2020. It has been nearly ten years since Chalmers Johnson died, and twice that long since the publication of “Blowback: The Costs and Consequences of American Empire.” That Johnson’s condemnation of American imperialism […]

Camillo Olivetti in the 1930s

Book Review: The Mysterious Affair at Olivetti by Meryle Secrest 1

Meryle Secrest The Mysterious Affair at Olivetti: IBM, the CIA, and the Cold War Conspiracy to Shut Down Production of the World’s First Desktop Computer Alfred A. Knopf. 304 pp., $30 The following review first appeared on Washington Decoded, February 11, 2020 under the title “An Industrial Saga Marred by Conspiracy-Mongering.”   An award-winning author […]

VIDEOS: Richard Drake on Charles Beard

The following is a series of six interview videos which were recorded earlier this year by Richard and Leland Buck covering a range of questions about Charles Austin Beard, American politics and Beard’s Economic Interpretation of History.   Why is it important to read Charles Beard today?   What was Charles Beard’s economic interpretation of […]

Two recent articles which reference writings about Julius Evola

Here are links to two recent articles about Italian neo-fascist philosopher Julius Evola Both of these articles refer to research and writing I have done on Evola. His ideas have been a significant source of inspiration for the radical right in Europe and now have begun to attract increasing attention in the United States, particularly […]