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Historical Lessons for Our Time: Italy’s Response to the Challenge of Terrorism

From Tiempo devorado, Vol. 3, No 1 (2016): Bales per vots. Activisme i violència política a Europa des de 1991


During the so-called years of lead, Italy had the highest rate of terrorist violence in the industrialized world. Terrorist groups, descending ideological y from the country’s Marxist­ Leninist and neofascist traditions, sought to destroy its democratic institutions. They failed. The success of the Italian government in ending this scourge merits careful study, for the lessons that might be gained in Learning how we might cope with terrorism today.

Keywords: left-wing armed groups, terrorist groups, Italy, radical political traditions

The complete English version of this paper can be read (in pdf) here: Historical Lessons for Our Time Italy’s Response to the Challenge of Terrorism.

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